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Happy Hills Resort

Sri Lanka 

The story of the Teagardens


Have you ever wanted to get on a plane and be standing on a tropical island a few hours later?

Leave everything behind for a while and immerse yourself in a simple way of life, without constantly having to monitor the time and without having to rush anywhere?

Observe the beauty of the present moment from inside an interesting exotic culture, surrounded by beautiful nature, and know that a piece of this paradise is also yours and that you can return here at any time? 

Just like that…. by yourselves, with your family or with your friends?

In a project that helps develop the local environment and supports the local community?


We understand you completely... 

These were also our own feelings when we created this investment project.


The Happy Hills Resort project in Sri Lanka originated on the basis of the same feelings and questions. 

When we visited Sri Lanka for the first time several years ago and started to discover its beauties, we were literally thrilled with the tropical nature, half-empty beaches friendly people and peaceful Buddhist culture. We knew that this was a place we wanted to keep returning to.


We were also interested in the economy and management of Sri Lanka.  

The British administration left a highly organised government administrative system on the island, as well as a high-quality legal system. The rapid expansion of the infrastructure and the Sri Lankan population’s enormous enthusiasm for building and establishing partnerships were clearly evident. 

We saw the enormous potential for the growth of anything that is beneficial to the local environment. 

And that certainly includes the promotion of tourism and high-quality, affordable accommodation capacities.

We found many friends and established many contacts on Sri Lanka, and we liked the idea of creating something with value and of mutual benefit here. 

We liked the idea of establishing a beautiful tourist destination in south Sri Lanka. 

A combination of beautiful nature, a Buddhist ambiance, sunny beaches, excellent food and the magnificent ocean. 

Some members of our group have extensive experience in the developer environment and the real estate market in Europe and the USA.

The project you have before you today originated when we combined our enormous liking for this location and the people of Sri Lanka, with what we like doing and what makes sense. 

A beautiful, authentic, ecologically configured and simultaneously economically lucrative investment project in a magical place, which can benefit everyone much more than they expect. 


The Happy Hills hotel-apartment resort is a combination of a beautiful location, wonderful views and a lucrative investment.

The resort is being built on the south coast of Sri Lanka, several minutes away from the town of Tangalle. This is one of the most beautiful locations in Sri Lanka.


102 apartments can be purchased either as individual units with a floor area of 65 m2, or they can be connected to create a more variable space. 

The apartments are part of a hotel complex situated in the middle of a tropical garden. The complex includes a restaurant, swimming pool, wellness centre and relaxation areas inside the garden, as well as additional facilities to make every visitor’s stay more pleasant.


The resort is situated on a hill above the ocean, which affords beautiful views of the ocean and the rainforest on the other side of the slope.

The apartments are arranged on terraces on the hillside.

There are two beautiful beaches in the area within a 10-minute walk.

The entire region of south Sri Lanka offers an enormous range of travel and tourist opportunities. 

Operation of the entire resort is assured by a renowned international management company with experience in managing similar resorts.

The owners of the apartments and their guests will be able to use the following services:

  • 24-hour reception

  • Transport from and to the airport (mini-vans, cars, hydroplane)

  • Air ticket reservation service

  • Cleaning of the apartment and all hotel areas

  • Regular maintenance of the gardens and terraces

  • Operation and maintenance of the swimming pools

  • Operation of the restaurant, coffee shop and tea house

  • Operation of the wellness centre​

  • Organisation of cooking courses

  • Organisation of trips to destinations in the surrounding area

  • Classes in surfing the waves

  • And much more...


Resort location

The Happy Hills Resort land, with an area of 20,000 m2, is situated in south Sri Lanka, 2 km from the town of Tangalle.

This is one of the most beautiful parts of Sri Lanka, with beautiful beaches, wonderful nature and excellent tourist facilities.


The Tangalle area is very quiet. It is certainly not a busy tourist destination like the capital city of Colombo or the area of Mirisa, which is very popular with tourists.

The resort spreads over a hill above the ocean, approximately a 10-minute walk from the beach.

Beaches with lovely fine sand and very few visitors offer the perfect spot to rest and relax. 

You can find something to eat or drink at the stylish local beach restaurants on Goyamboka beach.

On the other beach – on a beautiful long bay edged with palms – you will feel like you are in paradise, and you can count the number of visitors on one hand. 


A small Buddhist shrine right next to the resort invites you to visit it.

There is a beautiful view of the surrounding area from the resort.

One side offers views of the endless ocean, and the other side looks out over the mountains and rainforests.


The resort has a very convenient location for trips to the surrounding area to find out more about the beauties of Sri Lanka.

This means that guests can spend time within the resort and on the beautiful beaches, and they can also go on an adventure safari with elephants and crocodiles, go dolphin and whale watching on the open sea, visit a tea plantation, or see the Ayurvedic gardens, which are full of beautiful flowers and aromatic spices.

Watching the giant turtles at night as they lay their eggs on the beach in elaborately dug nests is also a unique experience. You will also be able to release baby turtles into the sea when you visit the turtle hospital. 


Sri Lanka is establishing an extensive transport infrastructure from the capital city of Colombo in the direction of the southern coast.

Transport to south Sri Lanka is now mostly along a newly built motorway leading from Colombo all the way to Matara, which is only 60 km from Tangalle.

The next section from Matara to Tangalle will be opened in 2020. This will substantially reduce the time it takes to travel from the airport in Negombo to our resort.

There is another recently opened international airport in nearby Hambantota (60 minutes by car from the resort). This airport is capable of landing even large passenger planes, and it is only a question of time until major airlines become aware of the opportunities this airport affords and connect it to the surrounding world. 

Panorama-of Mahatupa-big Dagoba-in-Anura

Investment and return of investment

Have you ever wanted to be present at the beginning of the development of a new economy?
Have you ever wanted to be present as the prices of land and real estate increase rapidly?

Sri Lanka is currently experiencing just this phase in its economy. 


Compared to other countries in the Asian region, tourism on Sri Lanka is still quite restricted, and in terms of global tourism it is relatively under-visited.


About two million tourists currently visit Sri Lanka each year. 

In the coming 5 years, it is estimated that the number of tourists will rise to up to 8 million per year. 

This is a country that is currently experiencing massive economic development. The entire infrastructure is being newly built on Sri Lanka, which means there are a lot of opportunities for investment in the field of tourism. Sri Lankans welcome these new opportunities with enthusiasm, and this is why the Sri Lankan government has created, as an expression of its support, a programme in support of the development of tourism.

The market is open, but there is a lack of experience and capital. For this reason, Sri Lanka supports foreign investment under very good terms.
Sri Lanka and the Czech Republic have concluded a double taxation treaty as well as an investment protection treaty.

Sri Lanka has a very pleasant climate all year round. There are no natural catastrophes, earthquakes or typhoons here. The resort is located at a height of 100 metres above sea-level, so not only does it afford beautiful views, but it is also in the perfect position in relation to the ocean.

Your investment in Happy Hills Resort will appreciate in value from the very first day.

Investment into the resort is configured so that the client purchases the apartment of his choice, which he then uses in the following manner:

  • he uses his apartment exclusively for himself and his family or friends

  • he uses his apartment partially for himself and leases it when it is not occupied

  • he uses his apartment partially for himself and has it leased by an agency we choose when it is unoccupied. This agency assures complete operation and booking

For all apartment owners, we assure complete management of the common areas of the resort, management of the property itself and comprehensive care of guests visiting the resort. Owners have no other operating concerns in relation to the property. 

Benefit: Your money appreciates from the first day of its investment

Each deposit you make, including deposits for purchase of the real estate, earn interest at a rate of 7% p.a. from the first day.

Your own investment plan may consist in either using the completed apartment for your own requirements or leasing it. Alternatively, you can simply make an investment into a development, which you could then sell before the development is completed and generate a profit, in relation to both the annual interest it generates and the appreciation in prices over the period from the beginning to the end of construction.

Estimated proceeds from lease of the apartment are 8-10% p.a. (at an annual apartment occupancy rate of 65%).

The year-on-year growth in the prices of real estate results in further appreciation. 

The option of selecting the interior fixtures and furnishings for the apartment, along with various alternatives including the option of connecting multiple apartments to each other, will be available, as will the option of building a private swimming pool for selected apartments. 

We will be happy to provide you with more information when you contact us by telephone or in person.

For any information about a project call

 +420 777 702 313 or fill up the form:

Thank you for your request

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